We’ve created a new Word Puzzle and Game website to keep your brain active. It’s family friendly, Christian safe fun! Join our growing community of puzzle solvers, earn points, track your progress while you test your skills with quizzes, word searches, dingbats and other word games. Long term we aimContinue Reading

Puzzles are great for the kids. They are fun, yet at the same time reinforce elements of the Bible story you are teaching. Everybody wins! Creating puzzles isn’t always easy though. If you are going to create a word puzzle, such as a word search or crossword, then first you haveContinue Reading

The Say What You See Bible rebus puzzles. Phrases, names or sayings linked with the Bible are cunningly hidden in cryptic ways. They are also known as WHATZIT?™ in the USA. The answer can be hidden in many ways. It could be the size, or position, or direction. Sometimes it’sContinue Reading

It’s huge, it’s giant, BibleQuizzes.org.uk Bible crosswords have gone super-size all for no extra cost to you! A test of your vocabulary as well as your knowledge of the Bible, the Giant Bible Crossword will keep you going for…. well, a while anyhow. It’s not particularly difficult, just big! CompleteContinue Reading