The Lord of Life and Glory has called me out apart, That I might serve and love Him in singleness of heart. Through joy and sorrow, pain and strife. He leads me down the ways of life. The Lord of Life and Glory a task has given to me, ToContinue Reading

The Scriptures are the Word of God, That holy men of old By inspiration spoke and wrote, As spirit power told. God’s Word is able to make wise, The one with hearing ears: The one who strives to understand, Believing what he hears. All preconceived ideas must go, So leaveContinue Reading

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner and all around us everyone is involved in presents, and food, and decorations and family fun!  Let’s not forget though that Jesus is the reason for the season, and as a little reminder I’m going to share withContinue Reading