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Our Calling

The Lord of Life and Glory has called me out apart,
That I might serve and love Him in singleness of heart.
Through joy and sorrow, pain and strife.
He leads me down the ways of life.

The Lord of Life and Glory a task has given to me,
To follow Christ, the Prince of Life. Wherever I may be,
To point the path of life to men, ways that His saints have trod
To show the children of the earth the glory of my God.

The Lord of Life and Glory has promised Life to me
In that great Kingdom of His Son, where I no care shall see,
Where every tear is wiped away and every pain shall cease,
Where joy and love alone shall reign and all is perfect peace.

The Lord of Life and Glory my guiding light shall be,
Though storm and tempest rage and howl o’er earth and sky and sea;
For, when this night of pain is o’er, all raging storms shall cease.
Thy Kingdom come, O Lord, we pray, where all is perfect peace.

R. G. Pugh

Listen to God

The Scriptures are the Word of God,
That holy men of old
By inspiration spoke and wrote,
As spirit power told.

God’s Word is able to make wise,
The one with hearing ears:
The one who strives to understand,
Believing what he hears.

All preconceived ideas must go,
So leave them all behind;
Imaginations of the flesh
’Twill only dull the mind.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
To heed the Bible pays;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
He’ll guide your paths always.

Learn how to pray as did the Lord,
Our need is very great;
His wise example shows the way,
Upon it meditate.

Gwen Marley

Here I Am Before You Lord

Lord, here I am before You, I don’t know what to say
I have given up; I can no longer do it my way
This life that I am living, is a life without any hope
I’m so weak, I’m lost, and I can no longer cope
So here I am Lord Jesus, I’m calling out Your name
I have no one else to turn to and so that’s why I came

Lord, here I am before You; look beyond my foolish ways
I’ve neglected to trust You and I have wasted my days
Fill me with your presence, wrap me in your tender care
Lift my eyes toward heaven to a love beyond compare
I hope it is not too late now Lord, Please don’t let it be
I have no one else to turn to and I need You to comfort me

Lord, here I am before You; please take away my doubt
You’ve kept watch over me knowing what I was all about
Who else would have protected me and saved me from myself
Only You my heavenly Father, Only You could break the spell
I turned my back on You dear Lord and what I’ve done was wrong
Please don’t turn Your back on me; Please help me to get strong

Lord, here I am before You; my life is full of shame
I‘m hurting and I have no one but myself to blame
I took it upon myself Dear Jesus to live life recklessly
Never ever thinking that life would beat me so mercilessly
So here I am before You lord, I’m ashamed and so confused
The gift of life You’ve been offering me I can no longer refuse

Here I am before You lord; life has forced me to my knees
I am begging, prayerfully asking; that You grant my utmost needs
I need Your love and Your mercy; Your strength so that I can stand
I need Your forgiveness; Oh! Lord touch me with Your healing hand
I need Your help and guidance, A stronger will never to go astray
Oh! Remind me Heavenly Father; to daily fall on my knees and pray

Sandra Padmore Lewis

The reason for the season!

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner and all around us everyone is involved in presents, and food, and decorations and family fun!  Let’s not forget though that Jesus is the reason for the season, and as a little reminder I’m going to share with you all a fun poem that a friend of mine has written.

Hopeless Santa!

I woke up one night,
Turned on the light,
Cause I’d heard a mighty noise.
There was a man on the roof,
With his beard aloof,
Holding a sack of toys!

He fell with a shout,
Knocked himself out,
Landed spread on the snow!
I crept out of the house,
Quiet as a mouse,
The wind started to blow.

As I shivered,
His belly quivered,
He had obviously been in the wars.
He had a red hat
And was rather fat,
It was Santa Claus!

He stood with a frown,
As I brushed him down
He toddled towards our door.
My parents were cross,
My brother at a loss,
As Santa tramped mud on the floor!

“Woof!” the dog cried,
Clearly terrified,
He bit Santa’s big toe.
Hopping around,
Tearing things to the ground,
He’s going to get an ASBO!

He fled from the place
At an alarming pace,
Obviously scared of the dog.
He leapt on his sleigh
And flew away,
Disappearing into the fog.

“Wow!” my bro said
Twisting a finger to his head,
“Cor, that man can fly!”
My mother moaned,
My father groaned,
“Santa, what a hopeless guy!”

Now in the midst of this rhyming banter
There’s a message about dear old Santa.
Although he’s the source of joy and mirth
He’s not very good at saving the earth.

Its lucky with Jesus everything’s okay,
He will set up his kingdom, save the day.
So enjoy Christmas, relax by the fire,
But above all else remember the Messiah!

(c) Joe Barham

May God bless all our readers over the festive season!