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Bible verses with every letter of the alphabet

There are none, not in the KJV at least. I’ve checked.

I did find 11 verses that contain 25 out of the 26 letters of the alphabet, missing only one letter.

Ezra 7 v 21 contains every letter of the alphabet except “J”.

Galatians 1 v 14 is lacking in only a “K”.

As you might expect “Q” isn’t the most commonly used letter and is the only letter missing from Joshua 7 v 24, 1 Kings 1 v 9, 1 Chronicles 12 v 40, 2 Chronicles 36 v 10, Ezekiel 28 v 13, Daniel 4 v 37, and Haggai 1 v 1.

Finally 2 Kings 16 v 15 and 1 Chronicles 4 v 10 are short of “X”.

Words that appear only once in the KJV Bible

Here is a complete list of the 3949 words that appear only once in the KJV Bible. Most of them are names, but there are few of interest such as: Armageddon, Arab, frozen, grandmother, handwriting, tortoise… have a look for yourself and see what words you can spot!

Some of these may surprise you, though of course this only looks at one version of the KJV text.

abaddon; abagtha; abana; abasing; abdeel; abdiel; abelmaim; abelmizraim; abelshittim; abez; abhorring; abi; abialbon; abiasaph; abida; abidah; abiezrite; abihud; abilene; abitub; abjects; aboard; abodest; abolish; abominably; abstinence; abused; abusers; abusing; accad; acceptably; acceptance; acceptest; accepting; accho; accompany; accompanying; accomplishing; accomplishment; accordingly; accounting; accounts; accuser; accuseth; accusing; accustomed; aceldama; achaicus; achar; achmetha; achsa; acknowledgement; acknowledgeth; acquaint; acquainting; acre; acres; actions; activity; adadah; adalia; adamah; adami; addan; addar; adders; addi; addicted; addition; addon; ader; adina; adino; adithaim; adlai; admatha; administration; administrations;