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We are blessed!

Creation Word Cloud

Creation Word Cloud

A word cloud made from the words of Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

The Crucifixion : Cross Word Cloud


And Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS. (John 19:19)

Building the Church of God

imageWhen building the church we should probably strive to adhere to the doctrines and principles of the first century church because it was founded on a first hand witness of Christ’s life, death and resurrection, the apostles were gifted with the Holy Spirit when establishing the early church and so you would expect the first churches to be an example of harmony, perfect knowledge, strong faith and enthusiasm.

The reality though is far different. The first century church was filled with problems which we read of in Acts and the many letters of Paul. There are many lessons we can learn, but we can also take comfort from the fact that the first churches were far from the one united body they should have been.

Read more in our sermon on Building the Church of God….

Bible Word Clouds

Word clouds are very popular on blogs and social networking sites to give a visualisation of how frequently a word is used on a site. The more frequently the word appears, the larger the font, so the important words really stand out and you can get an instant idea of what the site or post is about.

We’ve taken that idea and applied the same principles to chapters of the Bible, providing an instant overview of the key words within the chapter. First up is Romans chapter 1 in which Paul opens up the book of Romans with a description of the Gentile world, his calling, what the gospel is and commendation of their faith.


Here we see some of the key words being: God, faith, Jesus, Christ, gospel, unrighteousness, power.

This idea of word or tag clouds will work better for some chapters than others, but it is certainly fascinating to see the overview of the chapter so visually!