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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Here is a Christmas Story Crossword for you which is based on Luke 2.

Have a great day!


The Say What You See Bible rebus puzzles. Phrases, names or sayings linked with the Bible are cunningly hidden in cryptic ways. They are also known as WHATZIT?™ in the USA. The answer can be hidden in many ways. It could be the size, or position, or direction. Sometimes it’s the number or the picture that will give you the solution.

We’ve added a load of these rebus puzzles to the website… here are a couple of tasters…




More of these and answers can be found on the Bible DINGBATS page on BiblePuzzles.org.uk

11 Ways to Love

11 Ways to Love

Sporcle Bible Quizzes

We’ve started adding some quick-fire interactive Bible quizzes on Sporcle. So far we’ve added…

The Ten Commandments – See if you can remember the order of the commandments

Judges of Israel – Can you pick out the fourteen judges in the list of Bible names?

Who Married Who? – Twenty men, twenty women… who married who?

They are clickable with time limits and a lot of fun!

Bible Mnemonics – The Minor Prophets

Ever found it a struggle to remember the order of the Minor Prophets in the Bible? I’m sure we all have at times. I’m not even sure they remembered to include Habakkuk in my Bible, I can never seem to find it!

Forget no longer because we’ve created this simple Bible mnemonic to help you remember!

Humourous Jokes About Orange Jelly Might Not Help Zookeepers Hurling Zebra Milk.

All you have to do is remember some funny orange jelly not helping a zookeeper to throw zebra milk.


What other mnemonics do you use to remember the books of the Bible?

Oh, by the way… what do you call someone with jelly in one ear and custard in the other?

A trifle deaf.