The majority of Christians find God through Sunday School, often their parents being key in encouraging them to attend. It’s very important that God and the Bible is shown to be relevant to the child’s life. Keeping the lessons fun can be difficult, but nowhere is it more important to keep the interest high than with children. Sunday School teachers often have no formal training, relying on the goodwill of parents and members of the congregation to teach groups of children about God’s Word.

Sunday School Resources offers a wide variety of resources to aid in the classroom with lessons, crafts, activities and coloring.

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  1. Hello, My Name Is Nilda. And Iam interested in seeing what you have in references to teaching Sunday school. I have lots of material myself that I’m trying to organized to place all online using my google blogger, that is currently under some work.

    I use to be a director of Sunday School for The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God some time ago, which i’m considering doing again, but this time i’m just gathering as much material to start my own curriculum and use as my profolio, in which i will link all my sources.

    i will highly appreciate your help thank you in advance.
    Nilda Bonilla.

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