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New Word Puzzle Site

Words Up

Words Up? Games and Puzzles

We’ve created a new Word Puzzle and Game website to keep your brain active. It’s family friendly, Christian safe fun!

Join our growing community of puzzle solvers, earn points, track your progress while you test your skills with quizzes, word searches, dingbats and other word games.

Long term we aim to transfer the concept to a Bible based website for even more Christian fun!

Play now at!


Noah Builds an Ark Word Search

wordsearchWith all the rainfall around at the moment in the UK, we might have to start building our own ark. With predictions of this being the wettest winter on record here is a Noah Bible Word Search to entertain you while you wait for your delivery of gopher wood to arrive!

American Style Bible Crosswords

We’ve added a new style of crossword to the Puzzles site. American style! Lots of white, not much black and everything is part of an across clue as well as a down clue. They take ages to create, but hopefully they’ll appeal to our US audience!

View the American Style Bible Crossword!

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Here is a Christmas Story Crossword for you which is based on Luke 2.

Have a great day!


The Say What You See Bible rebus puzzles. Phrases, names or sayings linked with the Bible are cunningly hidden in cryptic ways. They are also known as WHATZIT?™ in the USA. The answer can be hidden in many ways. It could be the size, or position, or direction. Sometimes it’s the number or the picture that will give you the solution.

We’ve added a load of these rebus puzzles to the website… here are a couple of tasters…




More of these and answers can be found on the Bible DINGBATS page on