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Bible Coloring for Adults

61saATPZt0L._SX385_BO1,204,203,200_Coloring was something that I always associated with children, it’s something I did as a kid, it’s something we make the kids do in Sunday School – not something for the adults, that’s absurd! Working in the convenience store sector I’m very familiar with the range of magazines available and there was very little available in the way of coloring for adults a couple of years ago.

About the same time a regular customer suffered a stroke and lost a lot of his physical and cognitive functions and his wife started to order a new art therapy magazine to see if it would help and the results were encouraging. Since then the market for adult coloring books has exploded and they are used for all sorts of therapy including, strokes, anxiety, depression and several other therapeutic reasons. The shelves are now full of magazines and books for coloring in, mostly fancy intricate patterns and shapes that require fine motor control and a degree of concentration.

Anna Stenmark has created a series of coloring books for adults with a Bible theme! Well worth a look.

Don’t believe everything you hear!

It’s April Fools Day again, and the usual round of improbable stories are doing the rounds in the media. It’s easy to be led into believing something if it sounds believable, particularly if it comes from a credible source. I don’t like April Fool’s Day… there seems to be something very wrong with trying to deliberately deceive people.

But, how often do we stop and think about things we are told about the Bible? Do we check for ourselves to see if they are true?

What is Miracle Monday?

Viewing my Twitter feed this morning I’m seeing the #miraclemonday hashtag cropping up repeatedly. Not having seen it before I was wondering what it was.

Easter Infographic

Infographics are fun! Here are some facts about Easter in the form of an infographic, the figures from the Easter Story and some statistics about the consumption of Easter eggs and candy! The link to the Easter infographic is at the bottom of the post.

Thought For Today

In the Bible it rained for 40 days, they called it a disaster. In England we call it “summer”.In the Bible it rained for 40 days, they called it a disaster. In England we call it “summer”.

In the Bible it rained for 40 days, they called it a disaster. In England we call it “summer”.

Spotted on Angel London Underground Tube Station notice board.