There’s a common perception that the Bible is long and boring. Ok, there are some bits that are perhaps rather tedious to read and seem to have no possible benefit for us – like those long lists of names. Perhaps the translation you are reading doesn’t grab you. Not everyone can pick up the Bible and start reading with enthusiasm and that’s where the Bible trivia can help.

Knowledge is knowledge, no matter how it’s acquired, and by doing the quizzes and puzzles you will find out what you know about the Bible, learn other things you didn’t know and our hope is that you will be compelled to pick up your Bible and read around the material to find out more.

Children usually find interactive learning of great benefit and the quizzes and puzzles make ideal activities for them, but there is nothing to stop adults enjoying them too! Ultimately there is no substitute for reading the Bible, but anything that brings you closer to God’s Word is of benefit.

The Bible Trivia site was created in October 2005, before going live on 1st November with just a handful of quizzes. Many years on we have well overĀ 100 interactive Bible quizzes and several different types of Bible puzzles and a huge number of visitors each month, many who come back time and time again.

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  1. I just love learning about the bible..

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