There’s nothing like sitting down and doing some good old fashioned Bible study to really learn about God and his ways. The Bible was written by the hand of ordinary people by the inspiration of God and written in such a way that it is easily accessible by anyone with access to a Bible they can read. It doesn’t require a degree to understand God’s message, it doesn’t require someone to interpret it for us. Now we have Bibles in our own languages we can pick one up and learn about the message of God for ourselves.

However, it is good to read the thoughts of others as we often miss things, or simply haven’t considered an alternative interpretation. The Bible Study offers a collection of studies, sermons and other writings on specific topics for you to read that may be of interest to you. As with any writing that isn’t the Bible, it’s important to read it in the context of the Bible making sure everything is in harmony with God’s Word.

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