The Rhyming Bible – From the Creation to Revelation

By James Muirden (illustrations by David Eccles)

We picked up this little gem of a book yesterday, and it’s such good fun that we had to tell you about it!

The stories of the Bible are written in fun, rhyming poetry, with a hint of humour to bring well known accounts to life, and will be a hit with children and adults alike.

Creation – Day 1

To make the world, God worked a six-day week –
an effort of unsparing dedication!
These are the first words that we hear Him speak:
‘Let’s throw some light upon the situation.’

Rhyming Biblerhyming-bible-2 rhyming-bible-3

The style is light, a joy to read and will make you smile, yet there is no disrespectful tone within the book. Of course it’s no substitute for reading the Bible, but it reads well and reaches parts of the brain that the standard Bible texts don’t!

The Lost Coin

A woman loses from her hoard
a coin that she can ill-afford…
She lights her lamp and wields her broom,
and pokes around in every room
until it turns up safe and sound –
then she invites the neighbours round!

The book no longer appears to be in print, but if you look around you might be able to grab a copy, it’s well worth it!

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