Called Out To Be Perfect

As all around the world today, people celebrate Jesus as our Passover Lamb, we remember that he was perfect in every way, something that simply isn’t possible for us. Whatever we attempt to do ourselves will only end up with imperfection and death.

If we attempt to build or construct something, especially if we don’t look at the instructions, we can expect things to go wrong. It is usually better to get help from someone who knows what they are doing, and when we are talking about perfection, who better than Jesus, who shows us the perfection and love of God through him. We can only maintain perfection through God.

However, we have been called out to be perfect, and to remember our Saviour, Jesus. Our relationship with the Lord is so important, just like it was with Israel. They said to God that everything that he had spoken, they would do. A noble sentiment, but to be short lived as they entered into the wilderness and become strangers in the land.

God called out the Levites to be separate from the other tribes. They were to be dedicated from birth, unlike the other tribes who dedicated their number from a certain age. The Levites weren’t numbered with the 12 spies either. The call of the Levite was a special calling, with special responsibilities. John the Baptist was a Levite, his father being a priest, and heralded the coming of one called out, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The call of the Levite gives way to the call of the saints, through Jesus. The people however rejected Jesus as their King and priest.

Jesus put the cross before the crown. Imagine if we were in the position of Christ, facing death upon the cross. How would we cope? Jesus allowed nothing to distract him in his hour of dread. In John 19 we see that his concern was for his mother, not himself. Jesus, like the Levite, was called out to be separate, to be perfect.

On at least 3 occasions, Jesus raised people from the dead, but this wasn’t a lasting resurrection to immortality, as they would die again. They were just a small indication of the things to come and Jesus was risen from the tomb by his Father on the 3rd day to perfection and immortality, the day we celebrate today, on Easter Sunday.

Whatever we experience in our lives now, we always have the crown ahead of us, but we have to put the cross before the crown.

We give thanks for the great love of our Father in heaven and the fact that Jesus is risen!

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