Monthly Archives: March 2016

What is Miracle Monday?

Viewing my Twitter feed this morning I’m seeing the #miraclemonday hashtag cropping up repeatedly. Not having seen it before I was wondering what it was.

Spot the Difference – At the Church

Here is a picture of a typical village church scene, taken on two separate occasions. They look identical, but there are a few small changes. Can you spot the difference between the two pictures. I’ve been told there are either 5, 7 or 9 differences to look for, but which is it?

Called Out To Be Perfect

As all around the world today, people celebrate Jesus as our Passover Lamb, we remember that he was perfect in every way, something that simply isn’t possible for us. Whatever we attempt to do ourselves will only end up with imperfection and death.

Easter Infographic

Infographics are fun! Here are some facts about Easter in the form of an infographic, the figures from the Easter Story and some statistics about the consumption of Easter eggs and candy! The link to the Easter infographic is at the bottom of the post.

The Amazing Spider Moth

Is it moth or is it a spider? At first glance it rather looks like a spider, and that’s what this little creature wants you to think. It’s a moth with markings on its wings that make it look remarkably like a spider, and any predator seeing it will hopefully back off and leave it alone!