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14th December – Who Said That?


But timely police action saved their lives

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moncler outlet online store In fresh violence over rising incidents of chopped braids in Kashmir, a furious mob yesterday beat up two men suspecting them of being plait slashers, police said. Samir Ahmad Khan and Tahir Ahmad Beigh were punched, kicked and hit with sharp objects in Ishber’s Chopan Mohalla in Srinagar. But timely police action saved their lives.. moncler outlet online store

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moncler outlet ny Cyrille Regis dead: West Brom and Coventry legend dies after suffering heart attack aged 59The former Aston Villa and Wolves striker died on Sunday night following a heart attack(Image: Getty Images Europe)In the same year he was named as one of West moncler jacket outlet store Bromwich Albion’s 16 greatest players, in a poll organised as part of the club’s 125th anniversary celebrations.He was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2008 Birthday Honours.The Professional Footballers’ Association announced the news on Monday morning and wrote in a tweet from its official account: “A true gentleman and legend, he will be deeply missed. Our sympathies to his family and friends.”‘This man meant everything to me’ Lifelong West Brom fan Stephen Jones’ shock at news Like every Albion fan I woke up this morning with shock at the news ‘Big Cyrille’ Regis died last night, aged just 59. This man meant everything to me.Back in 1978 I got an WBA strip for my birthday and my mum said I was finally old enough for my Dad to take me to games at The Hawthorns.We had cheap moncler jackets a new, big talking manager in Ron Atkinson and we were on the up making it to the semi final on the FA Cup that year moncler outlet ny.