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But over the last ten years, Iranian born Robbie’s once gilded

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On a recent San Francisco trip (the easiest city to call a car with the tap of a button), I decided to check it out. Over two days, I really only had four places I needed to get to. Temptation was strong. Dit is niet helemaal waar. Je mag gewoon een reservering uit hebben staan voor toekomstige investeringen. Dat salaris ben je alleen verplicht om uit te betalen als je of dividend wil uitkeren, of grote hoeveelheden liquide middelen in je bedrijf hebt zitten zonder daar een concreet doel voor te hebben vastgelegd.

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moncler outlet I know it looks bad because it’s a complete throw down and all, but Adams is literally holding JV’s arm. JV is allowed to try and move his arm and free himself, if Adams wasn’t holding onto him illegally like that I don’t think he would have fallen as hard 1 point submitted 7 months agoFair about the mismatch, but my thing is that bigs get tied up all the time under the net and often people end up falling over so it’s not like this moncler usa one is a completely new instance. Sure he pushes him over, but I don’t think this was some sort of wrestling move or something moncler outlet.

You “clean” now, but your buy canada goose uk brain at it most

gelbkatze u

canada goose coats on sale The acute withdraw sucks, you feel sick, your body hurts, your legs won stop shaking, you might sleep 2 hours a night. You puke. https://www.canadagoosejacketsoutsale.com Everyone pisses you off. It only canada goose outlet germany lasts about a week or so tops. You can power through, canada goose outlet sale because you know there relief at the end of the tunnel. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose deals Then the real test starts. For about the next six months, I was crushingly depressed. You “clean” now, but your buy canada goose uk brain at it most logical core thinks it would still be a good idea to get high. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket Just one more little shot to shake this feeling canada goose outlet black friday sale so I can get some work done and canada goose outlet phone number get canada goose outlet paypal back on my feet, you need money right? You can earn money laying in bed all day! It cure this depression in a snap and you canada goose outlet factory can go get a job and be normal for a day! Then you can actually be clean! buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale You listen to those canada goose parka outlet uk thoughts once and you back to square one. Then you start “putting off” getting clean again because you remember how much work it is. Then you waste another year “preparing”. You start to tell yourself “maybe I just NEED this drug on the weekends, to be like everyone else”. canada goose clearance sale

The most insidious thing about this drug is those intrusive thoughts. It overrides the most logical centers of your brain canada goose outlet los angeles and makes you really believe that you need that one more time.

Now you made it that next 6 months. Get ready for real life to come back. To come to terms with the new “normal”. You probably depressed, broke, with no support system. You might have a criminal record. Everything that sucks makes you feel immensely bad, everything good feels at it best canada goose uk merely “ok” because your internal gauge of what canada goose outlet store quebec feels good is so out of whack. This last for a long time. No like a month or two. Like a year or two. It hard.

However when canada goose outlet store montreal you rebuild and get clean, and stay clean, it canada goose premium outlet really does finally go away. You never totally forget what a shot feels like, and you always have to keep canada goose outlet washington dc your guard up because you know that your brain will fuck you. You have to plan ahead, stay away from dumb shit and dumb people. However, it rules so much to have a real life. There is no real “life” to be lived on opiates, you just getting high and waiting to die, and hurting everyone you come in contact canada goose outlet london uk with. canada goose outlet england Anything is better than that life.

Canada Goose sale Edit: thanks for the gold! I’m 4 years clean from dope. I OD’d in front of my wife and quit cold turkey after that shot. Guess that was my “rock bottom” but honestly I’d be scraping around down there for awhile. I made this post because I don’t get to talk about heroin anymore except to my wife, but we’ve said all we can say canada goose outlet boston about it to each other. Very few people currently in my life know about that part of my life. I felt an immense sorrow and sympathy for the girl in the video because her actions and words just ripped open a bunch of memories I’d tucked away pretty deep. Thanks for reading and responding. I’m at work now but I’ll try to respond tomorrow to any replies or PMs. To those in recovery or thinking about it, keep fighting, it’s worth it. 73 points submitted 22 days ago Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale Edit 2: After reading the initial opinion (PDF warning), I say it actually way worse for transgender and nonbinary individuals than the second opinion. Even though the plaintiff lost the initial case, the court set up a framework where individuals are considered to be whatever gender they were assigned at birth, regardless of their current gender identity, gender expression, ability to pass, or what gender is on your driver license, social security card, birth certificate, or passport. I go into more depth in this comment here. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats The second opinion has the idiotic descriptor male but the court actually canada goose factory outlet toronto location concluded that trans women aren women in the initial option, where they ruled in favor of Planet Fitness. Had the trans woman been naked in the locker room, they almost certainly would have ruled that having canada goose vest outlet a trans woman in the locker room was a violation of privacy. canada goose coats

I commented on how poorly written this opinion is yesterday on /r/TransSpace, but since then I read the full text of canada goose outlet store toronto the opinion, which can be found here (PDF Warning)

canada goose It entirely obvious from reading this that this was a political decision by the court, and not a legal decision the court shoehorned a political message into the opinion. canada goose

cheap Canada Goose The court refers to men 7 times and who self identify as women 8 times in the opinion, apparently contrasting the two, however the court never defines what a man or a women is, or who assigns people men or women, or what being assigned man or woman even means. Is that something the state does? Does it refer to the biological marker on the driver license? cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets The actual legal opinion is at least fairly well reasoned, at least in comparison. Planet Fitness basically lost the case because they didn have a written policy that covered when people who are male are allowed to use the women locker rooms and bathroom facilities, and the plaintiff had been verbally told that only women would be in those spaces. So in the opinion of the court there were men in those facilities. Canada Goose Jackets

The reason Planet Fitness lost this case is because the defendant wasn able to cancel her membership without paying a fee.

canada goose store Planet Fitness would have won this case if they had a written policy that said “people may use the locker canada goose uk site room and bathroom facilities of the gender they identify as, and will be considered to be canada goose outlet online canada goose outlet store that gender for all intents and purposes while at Planet Fitness”. They also would have won canada goose outlet ontario this case if they didn have a cancellation fee and the plaintiff had continued to attend the gym. canada goose store

Regardless, all of the non legal points read like something a TERF would write for an 8th grade speech class. The case was heard before three women, Colleen A. O Deborah A. Servitto, and Cynthia Diane Stephens, and all three concurred and signed their names to the canada goose outlet uk opinion of the court.

Canada Goose Outlet These three women concurred on the original opinion which found the plaintiff did not have a case (PDF Warning). That opinion doesn have all the weird TERF yness going on, and so I have no idea where they managed to get the term males from. I wonder if it a term that the plaintiff lawyer used. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap Edit: If you want to see the opinion of the Michigan Supreme Court, which remanded it to the lower court, you can find it here (PDF Warning). Basically, the Supreme Court says that you can rule out damages just because the Plaintiff continued to attend the gym, due to the fact that she canada goose outlet 2015 would have had to pay a cancellation fee, but that they agree that there was no fraud, or anything else. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance lightofthesunandmoon 18 points submitted 2 months ago canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Parka Thank you for the explanation, and canada goose outlet store calgary screw the dickholes who downvotes me with an actually genuine question. Fucking asswipes. Canada Goose Parka

I guess I’m still confused though, why do they need canada goose outlet shop to be protected if no one is discriminating against canada goose outlet online them already?

As in: no one can deny you a job/access/rights/anything because your transgender. Why make laws reinstating what is already naturally happening? You say “afforded to every other American” as if job rights and canada goose outlet jackets marriage rights and anything else isn’t already given to them, are you now telling me they don’t have these things and that’s why they need more laws passed? That’s really what I’m wondering.

Yeah that is exactly what I am saying. There are no federal protections at all for transgender individuals. Currently debates in district courts regarding whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act include transgender individuals. In Etsitty v. canada goose outlet store near me I can spend all day spouting specifics but this unfortunately happens all the time.

Even in healthcare transgender individuals can be denied service with no recourse. In western mass there are a couple of facilities that have turned away transgender patients after they found out about there medical history. One individual was actually in the OR when a nurse found out they were transgender and refused to participate; they had to reschedule the procedure.

Canada Goose online This bill is not about semantics, it is offering protections that don currently exist for this population but yet are afforded to almost every other demographic Canada Goose online.