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If I see a man with a Bluetooth

‘Atlanta’ Explores The Unshakeable Intimacy Between A Man And His Barber

canada goose store A black man’s relationship with his barber is unmatched. The latest episode of “Atlanta” makes that clear when Paper Boi, through canada goose jacket outlet toronto a series of shenanigans that put them both in legal jeopardy, remains canada goose outlet in toronto loyal to Bibby his Bluetooth wearing, toothpick chewing, slick talking barber. canada goose store

canada goose “Barbershop,” the fifth episode of Season 2, opens with Paper Boi waiting for Bibby to arrive at the shop. In true black barber fashion, he’s late. The rapper has been sitting in the chair for God knows how long, a fact made evident by the exasperation on his face. When Bibby finally walks in, dressed like canada goose outlet ontario your uncle canada goose outlet michigan who sells Vector Knives and flips tax refunds, he wants to do everything but canada goose outlet montreal cut Paper Boi’s hair: talk on the phone, eat, watch viral videos canada goose outlet usa you name it (Shirley Caesar voice). When a woman only known as, the name saved in his phone, calls, he asks Paper Boi, who has a lopsided haircut thanks to Bibby chopping off one side before going canada goose outlet belgium to the restroom, to come canada goose outlet reviews with him to run an errand. Paper Boi is fed up but he obliges because loyalty to your barber takes precedence over everything. canada goose

Of course, one errand turns into an entire day of bullshit. All the while, Bibby promises Paper Boi that they’ll head back to the barbershop right after he finishes each task “real quick.” But in the midst of the day’s chaos lies a message about the importance of black men seizing control of their beauty. We rarely get to see intimate scenes of a black man getting his hair cut despite it, arguably, being one of the most vital relationships in a man’s life. It’s the one place black men can go and canada goose outlet uk just, well, be.

buy canada goose jacket Julia Craven and Taryn Finley discuss the damn near unbreakable relationship between a man and canada goose outlet uk sale his barber and why the barbershop is a vital safe space, despite its flaws, on this week’s “Run That Back.” buy canada goose jacket

Taryn: Accurate. I knew when Bibby official canada goose outlet walked into the barbershop at least 30 minutes late for Paper Boi’s appointment that this was about to be a ride. And boy, was it.

Canada Goose online Julia: I love how “Atlanta” got all the usual barbershop/hair salon gripes out the way early your stylist is late, they’re on the phone, they’re canada goose outlet store montreal oversharing their personal life, they stop mid appointment to eat, and they ask you to hold something. Then it got really absurd, borderline unrealistic, yet somehow the most realistic thing I’ve ever seen in my black ass life. When Bibby said, “I’m on 85 right now!” I knew he was on some other shit that only Atlanta can deliver (the city and the show). Canada Goose online

Taryn: All on a Bluetooth at that. Talking shit about his baby mama and making plans with his tax refund that you know he ain’t gon follow through on. Paper Boi can’t tell when Bibby is talking to him or the nigga on the phone. Bibby wants to do everything but do his job. I don’t know a black person who hasn’t been in this position.

canada goose coats Come to think of it, I think Bluetooths are the universal symbols for finesse OGs. canada goose coats

Julia: It’s hands down the universal symbol. If I see a man with a Bluetooth, I run the other way, because I know he’s a scammer on the same level canada goose outlet online store as Joanne.

And Paper Boi gets trapped in this series of ridiculous scams all because of his loyalty to his barber. And I get it, because if Reya (the woman who does my nails) ever pulled me out the canada goose outlet in vancouver chair to ride along so she could do my nails at her homegirl’s house, I’d go, because NO ONE ELSE can shape canada goose outlet store quebec my nails like her.

Am I supposed to let another tech no my fill in? So I can canada https://www.canadagoosejacketsoutsale.com goose outlet real look busted? Absolutely the fuck not.

Canada Goose Jackets Taryn: Right. Paper Boi is fed up, but he’s more loyal to his barber than he is to any of the women he’s dealing with. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose deals But that relationship with canada goose outlet uk fake a barber/hairdresser/nail tech is sacred. Who else am I gonna go to and they just know what I want from jump? Nobody. That’s why Paper Boi deal with his bullshit. canada goose deals

canada goose black friday sale Julia: Exactly! This episode, in its own absurd way, shows the deep connection black men have to their barbers. Black men are already likely to have a barber longer than they have a primary care physician. And what Paper Boi and Bibby show us is that that haircut, that trust is worth going through hell for. Paper Boi doesn’t even put his hands canada goose outlet edmonton on Bibby until half the episode is over, when last season he shot a dude over waaaaaaay less. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet You know, another thing that makes this episode super funny is that a few weeks ago I asked Bae about his relationship with his barber. We were listening to a podcast that was talking about the barber/client relationship. So I asked him if he’d ever leave his barber. And he said, “I don’t know what I’d do if he broke up with me. I’d be canada goose vest outlet fucking crushed. Nobody else knows how to line my beard up like he does.” Canada Goose Outlet

Like you said, it’s a sacred bond. I feel like Bae would leave canada goose jacket canada goose outlet outlet store me before he left canada goose outlet ottawa his barber LMAO.

cheap Canada Goose Taryn: So Bibby finally begins cutting Paper Boi’s hair but only chops part of the side off before Bibby stops and tells him to watch a viral video of an NBA player’s invisible Lamborghini hitting someone outside of the club. Paper Boi doesn’t care to see it because he actually witnessed it (refer to Season 1, Episode 6) but Bibby insists. As he’s watching, calls. And, of course, Bibby was supposed to have BEEN at her house to cut her canada goose outlet boston son’s hair. So what does Bibby do? He tells Paper Boi to come with him to her house. cheap Canada Goose

Now, pause for the cause, raise your hand if you ever had to canada goose parka outlet leave Point A with your canada goose outlet washington dc beautician to go with her to run an errand with a half done head of hair before she actually finished your hair at Point B.

Canada Goose sale Julia: Sis, one time she sent ME out for canada goose outlet price more hair. Canada Goose sale

Taryn: It’s really the name of the game, and we just deal with it because who else is gonna slay our shit like we like it?

canada goose clearance sale Julia: I actually cannot get over how triggering “I’m on 85 right now!” is. canada goose clearance sale

Taryn: It’s so black. Knowing damn well you ain’t no where near the car. I’d protest it if I didn’t always say “I’m on my way” when I haven’t even taken a shower to leave yet.

Canada Goose Parka Julia: Honestly, when a man tells me he’s 10 mins away, I don’t start getting ready until 30 mins later and I still be ready before he pull up. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats on sale Taryn: You better than me. I don’t start getting ready till he gets there. I also ain’t shit so. canada goose coats on sale

Julia: This episode is also the first time I’ve actually laughed in a “funny haha” way at “Atlanta.” Like, this episode was FUNNY.

Taryn: I fought air so many times this episode. I didn’t catch it the first time I watched, but when Bibby actually decides to leave, they gotta go out through the back of the shop because canada goose outlet london “them canada goose outlet los angeles people be out there.” Now, I don’t know who “them people” are, canada goose jacket uk but I canada goose outlet store uk do know Bibby probably owes them money.

canadian goose jacket Julia: He absolutely owes “them people” money. canadian goose jacket

We arrive at the house of to discover that Bibby owes her son a haircut, too. The kid’s appointment was technically before Paper Boi’s, leaving the rapper to sit in a lounge chair and wait on his barber yet again. After Bibby delivers a beautiful cut, yells from upstairs that the water isn’t running and inquires if Bibby paid the water bill. He says he did but then the lights suddenly go out. Bibby grabs Paper Boi, and a couple dollars out of ‘s purse, and scurries out of the house and on to the next scam.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Taryn: It was. I also love how much of a close up we get on black hair. Not only was the cut nice, but the way in which it was shot was beautiful. canada goose outlet winnipeg address We spend a good amount of time really looking at the tenderness and care that goes into a black barber’s work and how it truly is an art form. Through all the madness and chaos of the episode, I really appreciated those moments of serenity (here with the little boy and later with Paper Boi). Black men don’t really have those images that reflect the beauty of their hair on mainstream TV today, so it was kinda heartwarming to me buy canada goose jacket cheap.