Bible Logic Puzzles

We’ve added a new category of puzzles to the site. Bible Logic Puzzles!

So far we’ve added two Bible logic problems. Prophet Reunion and Farcical Pharisees.

In the first logic puzzle, five prophets who attended The School for Prophets 50 years ago in Bethlehemhave returned for a reunion. From the clues, work out which town they come from, how old they are and what miracle they specialise in.

In the second logic problem, the Pharisees love to do good works and make sure everyone knows that they are doing them. In Jerusalem the evening before the Sabbath Day, a group of four Pharisees were outside the temple telling everyone what they had done that day. From the clues can you work out how old each Pharisee was, the good work that they had done that day and the amount of money they had put into the collection.

Have fun solving these new puzzles!

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  1. THANKS i love logic puzzles and to have some that are biblically based makes it even better!!! I truly love this website

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