Was Peter the First Pope?


Pope Benedict XVI stepped down as the 265th Pope at the end of last month, the first to resign for 600 years. The cardinals have gathered in Rome and the elaborate process of electing the next Pope will begin very shortly.

There are 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world, and the Pope is regarded as having divine authority, so it’s a pretty important position in the eyes of the Catholics! The conclave will be held in the Sistine chapel and they will want to push things through so there is a new Pope in place by the start of the Easter week.

Catholics have a long held tradition that Simon Peter was the first Pope, but does that idea carry any weight when we look at the Bible? We look at this question and others in our latest Bible Study on Was Peter the First Pope?

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  1. If you study all the scriptures on Peter you will find that he never went to Rome

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