Our Calling

The Lord of Life and Glory has called me out apart,
That I might serve and love Him in singleness of heart.
Through joy and sorrow, pain and strife.
He leads me down the ways of life.

The Lord of Life and Glory a task has given to me,
To follow Christ, the Prince of Life. Wherever I may be,
To point the path of life to men, ways that His saints have trod
To show the children of the earth the glory of my God.

The Lord of Life and Glory has promised Life to me
In that great Kingdom of His Son, where I no care shall see,
Where every tear is wiped away and every pain shall cease,
Where joy and love alone shall reign and all is perfect peace.

The Lord of Life and Glory my guiding light shall be,
Though storm and tempest rage and howl o’er earth and sky and sea;
For, when this night of pain is o’er, all raging storms shall cease.
Thy Kingdom come, O Lord, we pray, where all is perfect peace.

R. G. Pugh

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