The Scriptures are the Word of God, That holy men of old By inspiration spoke and wrote, As spirit power told. God’s Word is able to make wise, The one with hearing ears: The one who strives to understand, Believing what he hears. All preconceived ideas must go, So leaveContinue Reading

Athletes in any sport have to compete according to a set of rules. These are laid down in a rule book and everyone who competes needs to be aware of them. Officials, administrators and referees are appointed to ensure that the rules are upheld. All sports have a body thatContinue Reading

Have you ever watched cyclists racing against each other around a track? The new Olympic Velodrome in London has already been used com­petitively, when a World Cup competition was staged there, and most of the world’s top track cyclists took the opportunity to get the feel of the track. PerhapsContinue Reading