Romans 1 – Paul’s Greeting

The New Testament letters can be difficult to understand. Paul and the other writers explore deep theological arguments and answer difficult questions that arose in the early church. It is however really worth getting to grips with them because under the theology are many valuable spiritual lessons.

I am going to start with an exploration of the Letter to the Romans with the aim of looking at what the book tells us that can help us with our lives today, both spiritually and practically.

Romans – Chapter 1 : 1-7 

Paul’s Greeting

Paul begins his letter by telling the Romans that he has been chosen to preach the gospel.

He then summarizes the gospel neatly in a few sentences:

  • The gospel is the good news told long ago by the prophets.
  • The good news is about the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus had an earthly nature because he was the natural descendant of King David.
  • Jesus was also the Son of God, as shown by his powerful resurrection from the dead.
  • Through Jesus we have received grace – which is God’s favor.
  • We are also chosen as apostles to preach in all nations, to call everyone to adhere to the faith brought about by Jesus.

Paul then reminds the Romans that they have been specifically called to follow Jesus themselves, so that they can’t ignore his words.

Paul makes the gospel so simple. Despite all the complicated facets that make up many parts of the Bible we must never forget that the gospel message itself is straightforward. Anyone can understand the basics of Gods message – Jesus, the Son of God, was raised from the dead so that we might receive grace.


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