Here I Am Before You Lord

Lord, here I am before You, I don’t know what to say
I have given up; I can no longer do it my way
This life that I am living, is a life without any hope
I’m so weak, I’m lost, and I can no longer cope
So here I am Lord Jesus, I’m calling out Your name
I have no one else to turn to and so that’s why I came

Lord, here I am before You; look beyond my foolish ways
I’ve neglected to trust You and I have wasted my days
Fill me with your presence, wrap me in your tender care
Lift my eyes toward heaven to a love beyond compare
I hope it is not too late now Lord, Please don’t let it be
I have no one else to turn to and I need You to comfort me

Lord, here I am before You; please take away my doubt
You’ve kept watch over me knowing what I was all about
Who else would have protected me and saved me from myself
Only You my heavenly Father, Only You could break the spell
I turned my back on You dear Lord and what I’ve done was wrong
Please don’t turn Your back on me; Please help me to get strong

Lord, here I am before You; my life is full of shame
I‘m hurting and I have no one but myself to blame
I took it upon myself Dear Jesus to live life recklessly
Never ever thinking that life would beat me so mercilessly
So here I am before You lord, I’m ashamed and so confused
The gift of life You’ve been offering me I can no longer refuse

Here I am before You lord; life has forced me to my knees
I am begging, prayerfully asking; that You grant my utmost needs
I need Your love and Your mercy; Your strength so that I can stand
I need Your forgiveness; Oh! Lord touch me with Your healing hand
I need Your help and guidance, A stronger will never to go astray
Oh! Remind me Heavenly Father; to daily fall on my knees and pray

Sandra Padmore Lewis

4 Responses to Here I Am Before You Lord

  1. sowjanya says:

    its really wonderful…

  2. shirley says:

    Thank you so much you have made my day.

  3. Adina says:

    Thank you for sharing your gift, beautiful

  4. ajit says:

    Thank you so much .its been a blessing to me and to the kids at Sunday school too.

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