Daily Archives: 4th May 2012

Last Words

What will your dying words be? For those who are able to utter anything before they die, very often what they do say sums up their whole character and reveals where their heart is. Some of the greatest historical figures have died uttering words of failure and regret. Sir Winston Churchill, recently voted one of the greatest Britons of all time, died a disappointed man. He wanted to leave behind him a Europe at peace and desperately tried to unite the USA and Russia, but failed miserably. His dying words were: “I’m bored with it all.”

Contrast these words of miserable human failure with the words of the Lord Jesus Christ from the cross. The gospels record seven things that Jesus said as he poured out his life:

1. “Father forgive them” – Jesus forgave his enemies who hadn’t even said they were sorry for murdering him. And we have the challenge to forgive in the same way;

2. The Lord comforted the thief, “you will be with me in paradise”. An encouragement for us to continue to preach the gospel even when suffering acutely;

3. Jesus lovingly provided for the needs of his mother: “woman here is your son”. We too must provide for the needs of our families;

4. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” In allowing himself to be separated from his father, by death, as our representative, Jesus loved us to the uttermost;

5. “I thirst” highlights Jesus’ complete trust that God would raise him from the dead, fulfilling the type of Samson (Judges 15:9-

6. “It is finished” – the victory shout of the only one who was totally obedient to God in all his ways. The completion of his fight against sin and the assurance of our redemption;

7. Finally, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit” shows that Jesus died in full confidence of the resurrection. He died with dignity. He died willingly. He died with power. Little wonder that the centurion uttered those powerful words: “Truly this was the son of God!”