Do you want to live for ever?

Living forever is the ultimate goal.  The secret of immortality has been the quest of man throughout the ages.  In the realm of myth and legend think of the Philosopher’s Stone from which can be produced the elixir of life, or the Holy Grail whose keeper is given eternal life. In the opposite world of fact and science, scientists are always working towards extending our lives and improving our health, and trying to create spontaneous life by themselves.  Needless to say, both the fact and the fiction have failed.

But why do we have problems coming to terms with our mortality anyway?  Why do people want to live forever anyway?  It seems that there is a little something inside most of us that can’t imagine not being there. Call it your mind, your conscience or your ego – its the thing that makes you who you are and its hard to comprehend or accept one’s non existence as a concept.  People also dread losing those around them; they want their friends to live for ever so they can go on enjoying one another’s company, and together experience what life has to offer.

There are people who do come to terms with their finite lifespan; people who fully embrace life as it is. They focus on getting the best out of what they have and trying to partake in as many fulfilling life experiences as they can. I suspect many such people are atheist or agnostic and are simply trying to accept life as they see it.

Other people consider that their legacy truly lives on through their genes in their descendants and that this is the real meaning of living for ever – the continuation of the gene pool.

Some people suffer greatly during this life, with physical or emotional problems or disabilities, and it must be difficult in such circumstances to wish that life continues.  Maybe the end of life in this case is seen as a welcome relief.

However, when Christians talk about eternal life, they are talking about a perfect life that will never end.  They are looking forward to a life without problems and illnesses and disabilities, and without the stress and hassle of life as we know it.  This surely is something to look forward to if indeed it’s a real possibility.

As science and legend have failed us the only viable option left to consider on the quest for eternal life is religion. Many people scoff at the thought that a religious writing can truly offer something that the worlds best scientific minds cannot, but can we really afford to ignore a book that states:

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 6 : 23

Surely its worth checking out. If what that quote says is true then eternal life is there for the asking. God wants to give it to you.  That’s got to be better than waiting for a scientist to come up with the answer.

So what are you waiting for?  Eternal life may be just around the corner.  Open the Bible and have a look for yourself. The quest has begun …

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