Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of 2 Chronicles

Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of 2 Chronicles

What is covered in this book?

  • 2 Chronicles commences with the reign of Solomon, and finishes with the carrying away into captivity of Judah.
  • Much of the material in 2 Chronicles is also covered by 1 and 2 Kings.
  • The emphasis in 2 Chronicles is spiritual and focuses on the worship of God, whereas 1 and 2 Kings have greater emphasis on the political and military activities of the kings.
  • Like 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles only deals with the southern kingdom of Judah.
  • In chapters 1-9 Solomon becomes king and builds the temple.
  • In chapters 10-12 the reign of  Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, is covered.
  • The remainder of the chapters follow through subsequent events in the lives of the kings, from Abijah through to Zedekiah, the last king of Judah.

What are the themes in this book?

  • The temple is completed by Solomon and becomes the center of worship in Jerusalem.
  • There is a pattern of blessings on Judah when the king encouraged the people to do what was right, and periods of wickedness which lead to war and defeat.
  • Various kings were reformers, and tried to set to right the poor examples of previous kings.
  • Ultimately the people failed the Lord and were taken into captivity.

What reformations took place in Judah?

  • Chapter 15: King Asa held a great religious festival
  • Chapter 17: King Jehoshaphat sent religious leaders through the land to teach the people.
  • Chapter 24: King Joash, under the influence of Jehoiada the priest, repaired the temple.
  • Chapter 29: King Hezekiah restored the temple worship.
  • Chapter 34: King Josiah found the book of the law and restored true worship.

What can we learn from this book?

  • The people of Judah are encouraged to seek the Lord and rewarded when they worship Him.  This is the same in our lives, although not quite as directly as it was in those days.
  • Ultimately God wants us to worship Him and not forsake Him, to gain true spiritual benefits.
  • The best endeavors of man cannot save us, human nature is easily led and drawn into wicked behaviors, especially when a strong leader is lacking.
  • This points forward to the leader we await from heaven, the Lord Jesus.


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