Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of 1 Chronicles

Isn’t 1 Chronicles just a repeat of the Books of Kings?

  • 1 Kings and 2 Kings are history books, mainly reciting the facts of the kings of Israel and Judah, and associated prophets.
  • 1 Chronicles is in the form of a journal of events, and adds supplementary information and detail to that information provided elsewhere.
  • 1 Chronicles only deals with the southern kingdom of Judah, where the line of David is continued and the book actually covers similar ground to 2 Samuel.
  • The genealogy at the beginning of the book reminds the people of Judah of their heritage with the Lord, and that they alone are God’s witnesses.

What else is in the book?

  • The first 9 chapters are taken up with genealogies, from Adam through to King Saul.
  • Many stories seen in earlier books do appear, but with a more spiritual emphasis, including much of the life of King David.
  • The temple and temple ritual are a more prominent subject than the lives and wars of the kings.
  • There are frequent references to the ark of the Lord and the priests and Levites.
  • The preparations for the building of the temple made by David are detailed.

What are the main stories in the book?

  • Chapter 10 – Death of Saul.
  • Chapters 11-12 – David becomes king.
  • Chapter 13 – The ark is transported on a cart to Kiriath-Jearim resulting in the death of Uzzah.
  • Chapter 15 – The ark is brought to Jerusalem.
  • Chapter 17 – God makes promises to David that he will have a son who will have an everlasting kingdom.
  • Chapter 21 – David sins by carrying out a census of the people.
  • Chapter 22 – David makes preparations for the temple to be built.
  • Chapter 28 – Solomon is given instructions on the building of the temple.

What can we learn?

  • The incident of Uzzah’s death upon the incorrect transportation of the ark teaches us that we must respect God and do things the way he wants us to.
  • We have the promise of the future kingdom of God reiterated for us again, and we know that we await the Son whose throne will be established for ever.


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  1. Thank you so much for this Bible Study, i am understanding the Bible much better.

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