The reason for the season!

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner and all around us everyone is involved in presents, and food, and decorations and family fun!  Let’s not forget though that Jesus is the reason for the season, and as a little reminder I’m going to share with you all a fun poem that a friend of mine has written.

Hopeless Santa!

I woke up one night,
Turned on the light,
Cause I’d heard a mighty noise.
There was a man on the roof,
With his beard aloof,
Holding a sack of toys!

He fell with a shout,
Knocked himself out,
Landed spread on the snow!
I crept out of the house,
Quiet as a mouse,
The wind started to blow.

As I shivered,
His belly quivered,
He had obviously been in the wars.
He had a red hat
And was rather fat,
It was Santa Claus!

He stood with a frown,
As I brushed him down
He toddled towards our door.
My parents were cross,
My brother at a loss,
As Santa tramped mud on the floor!

“Woof!” the dog cried,
Clearly terrified,
He bit Santa’s big toe.
Hopping around,
Tearing things to the ground,
He’s going to get an ASBO!

He fled from the place
At an alarming pace,
Obviously scared of the dog.
He leapt on his sleigh
And flew away,
Disappearing into the fog.

“Wow!” my bro said
Twisting a finger to his head,
“Cor, that man can fly!”
My mother moaned,
My father groaned,
“Santa, what a hopeless guy!”

Now in the midst of this rhyming banter
There’s a message about dear old Santa.
Although he’s the source of joy and mirth
He’s not very good at saving the earth.

Its lucky with Jesus everything’s okay,
He will set up his kingdom, save the day.
So enjoy Christmas, relax by the fire,
But above all else remember the Messiah!

(c) Joe Barham

May God bless all our readers over the festive season!

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