What’s missing from church?

I went for a walk round my village earlier this week, and my route took me past the local church.  Their noticeboard said:

What’s missing from C H – – C H ? 

U R !

A slightly cheesy slogan, but one that made me think for a few seconds, and then smile!

People today are quick to criticize the  church, and organized religion, and to say that they would rather be Christians in their own way instead of being dictated to by the church.  Masses have disassociated themselves from the church because they are disillusioned with what is offered, they see hypocrisy, they don’t see answers being given to personal or world problems, and they no longer have respect for religious leaders.

But is abandoning the church really the way to improve the situation?

Despite the problems in the established church, it is difficult to deny that the general breakdown of society such as broken families, crime and violence, has been escalating over the last fifty years or so.

Even if you are a staunch Christian it is difficult to have God at the front of your mind when you no longer spend special time apart with those who feel the same way.  We should keep going to church, and fellowship with those who believe the things that we do.  We should bring the Bible back and use it as the basis of our faith.

Of course the church is going to have problems – but walking away and saying its not for me doesn’t solve those problems.  Lets get back to Bible basics, see what God wants from us, look at God’s plan to sort the world out, and pray for his help to sort out our everyday lives.

Just because the church doesn’t always do a very good job it doesn’t mean we can manage better by ourselves.

If “U R” one of the people missing from church why not think again?  Perhaps take your family to a Thanksgiving or Christmas service over the holiday season.  Or get back in touch with some Christian friends.  Just maybe you will remember what you have missed over the years, and remember that every single person in the body of Christ is important to God – and he wants you back in his house!

Praying that the holiday season is a blessing for you all!

2 Responses to What’s missing from church?

  1. Yvonne says:

    i have heard so many Christians say they are disillusioned by their Church pastors/leaders/members actions and teachings and thus they dropped out of going to church. yes, UR right that what is missing………..UR! I always remember my dear late grandfather saying to us “You will never find the perfect church…because YOU are the church!” So, to anyone who says “I am looking for the perfect church, that’s why I am not fellowshipping at the moment……..then take a look at yourselves! The Bible tells us in Romans that there are non without sin…not one! So we are all sinners, saved by the grace of God, and not one of us is perfect in any way. The only perfect person is the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is to Him we should turn our attention, our hearts and our minds, not to other people. Our foremost goal in this life should be to please God, not other people.
    Secondly, yes, we do need to fellowship and associate with fellow Christians and like-minded folk who agree on all aspects of God’s Word and Biblical truths. The Book of Acts shows us that the early Christians delighted in meeting together often for prayer, breaking of bread, and obviously Bible study (reading the Scriptures in those early days) and talking about Jesus. So, it is important that we strengthen our spiritual well being by meeting, sharing, praying and praising God with fellow Christians. Their input and sharing will encourage and keep us steadfast in following God’s principles for our lives.

  2. Leena Susan says:

    Yes… what you have said is indeed correct. A christian cannot grow spiritually by staying apart from the church becoz a church is the group of believers and we as human beings all have some or other imperfections. Instead of criticizing others, we should learn to see our own mistakes in the light of God’s word and correct ourselves so that we can be a better example to others in leading them to draw closer towards Christ and the church can become a better place for all to gather in the name of Jesus if we all have the same attitude and love towards one another becoz God’s word says that love covereth all mistakes.

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