Bitesize Bible Study – The Book of 1 Kings

What happens in the book?

  • David’s son Solomon becomes king of the land of Israel and reigns for 40 years.
  • Following Solomon’s death the kingdom is divided in two, the south (Judah) is ruled by Solomon’s son Rehoboam and the north (Israel) by a man called Jeroboam.
  • Jeroboam leads Israel into idolatry and his reign is followed by other kings who follow in his footsteps and do not follow God.
  • The prophets Elijah and Micaiah try to turn the heart of one of these kings, Ahab, back to God to no avail.

What happened during the reign of Solomon?

  • Chapter 3 – Solomon asks God to give him wisdom.
  • Chapters 5 – 8 – Solomon builds the temple in Jerusalem.  It is modeled on the tabernacle.
  • Chapters 9 – 10 – Solomon becomes extremely wealthy, and the Queen of Sheba comes to visit him.
  • Chapter 11 – Solomon sins by marrying foreign wives, building up a great army of horses and chariots, and turning to idolatry.
  • God tells Solomon he will take his kingdom away from him and it will be torn in two.

What did Elijah do during the reign of king Ahab?

  • Chapter 17 – he performed a miracle for the widow of Zarephath, providing her with food to eat when she had only a handful of flour left, and also raised her son back to life following a fatal illness.
  • Chapter 18 – he competes with the prophets of Baal to see whose God is the true God – and wins.
  • Chapter 21 – he rebukes Ahab and his wife Jezebel for murdering Naboth and taking his vineyard.

What can we learn?

  • When Israel followed God the country flourished and had wealth and peace from their enemies.
  • When they departed from God the kingdom declined.
  • Wealth and peace sometimes led the people to become complacent and forget God – we should never forget to thank him for our blessings and to follow Him during good times and bad.

Next time – Bitesize Book of 2 Kings!


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