How do I find God?

Now that we have our new brand name – Finding God – it’s up to us to give you some idea of how to go about finding God for yourself.  Easier said than done isn’t it? If you’re someone new to the Bible you may not know where to start looking.  If you’re an old hand at Bible study you may feel full of knowledge, but are you confident that you really know God?  Maybe you just want to know more about God – you’ve heard about Him, but He doesn’t seem to be there in your life.

So where’s the best place to start?  I’m going to suggest that God has told us how we can find him, and we need to let him speak to us through the pages of His word, the Bible.

Come near to God and he will come near to you – James 4:8

So there it is.  To find God we have to come near to him.  As that church slogan says:- “Feeling far from God?  Guess who’s moved!”  But how can we get near to God?  He’s an omnipotent being, without a physical presence on earth, with mental abilities so far above us that we are no more than ants in His sight, and yet we are told in the Bible to come near to Him!

Here are my suggestions on how we can come near to God:

  1. Prayer
  2. Reading the Bible
  3. Spending time with other people who want to come near to God

Let’s elaborate on those ideas:

1. Prayer

How can you come close to someone without talking to them?  God wants us to talk to Him, to ask Him for help, to thank Him for our blessings, and to recognize how small we are in His presence.  Of course He knows what we will say before we say it, but without prayer we can’t build up that relationship with God.

Still don’t know where to start with prayer? Why not try the Lord’s Prayer – that’s what Jesus gave the disciples when they didn’t know where to start with prayer!

2.   Reading the Bible

The Bible is not just any old book that talks about God.  It’s actually the mind of God, inspired directly by Him, so that we can learn more about Him and His purpose.  If we read it, we may get a little closer to understanding what God wants from us and what he has promised for us.

Still don’t know where to start with reading the Bible? Why not order these free bookmarks from and commit to reading a little every day!

3. Spending time with other people who want to come near to God

This point speaks for itself – the more you interact with others who have similar viewpoints to yourself, whether that be moral values or a similar hope for the future, the closer you will come to God.  Knowing that God has had a positive impact on someone else’s life will encourage you to find out more for yourself.

Don’t know where to find other people to talk to?  Do your friends or family believe in God?  How about finding an internet community to join?  Even better, leave your comments here, and together we can work towards Finding God.

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