Women in the Bible

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  1. Hi – great website you have here. I love reading sites about religion – they are so educational. Thank you for having this one. The internet can be a real blessing, even though some people don’t realize that and use it badly. I am always interested in reading online about spiritual thoughts and beliefs and your site is very thought-provoking. I don’t have time to read everything right now, I found this site when looking for something else on beliefnet.com, but I’ve bookmarked your homepage and will visit again soon to see the latest news. What is your preferred translation of the Bible? I think they are all good, don’t really have a preferred one myself. I have a site with scripture and related art on it. Please bookmark it – it as at http://www.GotTB.com. I just redesigned the site with a new look and feel, please let me know what you think of the new layout. Have a great week. God’s Peace!

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