From the Bible Quiz mailbox…

We receive a lot of mail. Lots of comments (mostly good), plenty of questions and a few error reports (for which we are grateful). ¬†Sometimes we get the charming, sometimes the disgruntled, and other times we get the bizarre. However, this one is totally off the wall…

After taking the 12 Disciples quiz and scoring 60%, the visitor responded thus (spelling and punctuation errors preserved):

How can a quiz be right when the bible itself has been altered over and over again . By man might I add. weather we get the answers correct ,or not , I’m sure God understands if we get questions wrong. He loves us. Do we quiz or question ourselves ?

Whilst wondering how to respond I got this follow up…

I will ask you a question ?How many times has the bible been altered ?The quizzes you have are twisted around , because mankind has done this.

But to be perfect on quizzes , don’t you see God loves us.

Remember if we have enough faith in a mustard seed…see if you can answer the rest.

First time anyone has attacked our quizzes!  Any thoughts!?

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  1. Maybe they were just frustrated because they didn’t score 100%

    They bring up an interesting point. The multitude of translations of the Bible will naturally lead one to ask: “OK, which one is the ‘right’ Bible?

    The Christian doctrine of inerrancy is not based on any one translation, but on the assurance that the original documents were inspired by God.

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