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From the Bible Quiz mailbox…

We receive a lot of mail. Lots of comments (mostly good), plenty of questions and a few error reports (for which we are grateful). ¬†Sometimes we get the charming, sometimes the disgruntled, and other times we get the bizarre. However, this one is totally off the wall…

After taking the 12 Disciples quiz and scoring 60%, the visitor responded thus (spelling and punctuation errors preserved):

How can a quiz be right when the bible itself has been altered over and over again . By man might I add. weather we get the answers correct ,or not , I’m sure God understands if we get questions wrong. He loves us. Do we quiz or question ourselves ?

Whilst wondering how to respond I got this follow up…

I will ask you a question ?How many times has the bible been altered ?The quizzes you have are twisted around , because mankind has done this.

But to be perfect on quizzes , don’t you see God loves us.

Remember if we have enough faith in a mustard seed…see if you can answer the rest.

First time anyone has attacked our quizzes!  Any thoughts!?

Bible Word Search Update

Some of the Bible word search puzzles on the site were using an old software program for the interactive versions. We’ve recently updated the site so that all puzzles are using the new (and better) software, but there was no way to transfer the puzzles into the new software so they have had to be re-created. We hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience if you are looking for the old versions.

Here is the current list of word searches available in the new format.

Escape to Egypt

The Reign of Solomon

David & Jonathan

Noah & the Ark

Prophecy Against Gog (Eze. 38)


The Sermon on the Mount

Naboth’s Vineyard


The Birth of Jesus

The Ten Commandments

Isaac & Rebekah

Israel in the Wilderness



Books of the Bible

The Prodigal Son

The Return of the Ark

David & the Ark

Moses & the Burning Bush

Valley of Dry Bones (Eze. 37)

The Last Supper

Saul Becomes King


Joshua : Chapters 6 – 7

The Life of Christ

Joshua : Chapters 2 – 4

Acts of the Apostles

The Disciples of Christ

Paul the Apostle

Kings of Israel & Judah

Kings & Prophets of Judah

Woman at the Well

Feeding of the 5000


The Bible

David & Bathsheba

Kings & Prophets of Israel

Kings of Judah

Kings of Israel


Baptism & Temptation of Jesus

Men of the Old Testament



David: The Early Years


The Good Shepherd

New Bible Word Searches

Several new Bible word searches have been added recently.

The most recent are

Escape to Egypt

The Prodigal Son

Woman at the Well

New Bible Quiz

Test your knowledge of Mothers in the Bible!

New: Bible Facts!

A new section has been added to the site which over time will become a large collection of Bible facts (mainly based on the KJV). As the size increases we will split it into sub-categories and provide search capabilities. We may also provide a Q&A section where you can submit your own Bible questions to be included.

Go to the Bible Facts!