New Bible Study – Can Christians Speak with Tongues?

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In this 4 part series on Can Christians Speak with Tongues by David Willey, he looks at the use of tongues in the time of the apostles and whether the spirit gift is available to us now in the 21st century.

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  1. sammyhan says:

    In the 4th part of can christians speak in tongues, David Willey goes through 1st Cor 12 & 13 and then stops. I was wondering how he would explain away chapter 14 but he didn’t. He just ignored it. Like he says at the end, let’s just get back to the Bible and see what it really says. Read chapter 14 in context and see if his arguments against speaking in tounges hold any validity.

    • Admin says:

      1 Corinthians 14 – In this chapter the apostle directs them about the use of their spiritual gifts, preferring those that are best and fitted to do the greatest good. He begins with advising them of all spiritual gifts to prefer prophesying, and shows that this is much better than speaking with tongues (1Co 14:1-5). He goes on to show them how unprofitable the speaking of foreign languages is, and useless to the church; it is like piping in one tone, like sounding a trumpet without any certain note, like talking gibberish; whereas gifts should be used for the good of the church (1Co 14:6-14). This clearly suggests that speaking in tongues is not necessary for salvation, otherwise Paul would have placed greater importance on them.

  2. sammyhan says:

    I don’t know of anyone who thinks that speaking with tongues has anything to do with salvation. I keep hearing this arugument over and over and it seems to be contrived to gain the support of the reader toward the author’s point of view. In fact, none of the main Pentecostal or Spirit filled denominations teach this doctrine. There may be some obscure splinter groups who teach this, but certainly not the great majority.

  3. Admin says:

    The Oneness Pentecostals do… they have about 24 million followers and are one of the main 3 groups of Pentecostalism, so it’s by no means a small group – though I suppose they might not be as common where you are.

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